Jordan X Arnesen

Linguist · Designer · Engineer · Educator · Leader

20 years of technical and leadership experience from the military intelligence community to the Silicon Valley startup scene.

Passionate about crafting empowering and educational experiences and products as the greatest lever for positive global impact.


  • Always has creative ideas to contribute to projects other team members are working on." - former manager
  • Strong ability to build systems to report data, as well as interpret and make data driven decisions. For example, last summer Jordan created a spreadsheet and system that would take in data about completed enrollment inputs and Hubspot data that we could then use for forecasting attendees and for prioritizing which admits to follow up with." - former manager
  • I love working with Jordan for the positive energy he brings to his work. I love bouncing ideas [off] him about my projects and other projects I want to tackle in the future!" - former peer
  • Jordan is adept and able to juggle lots of things at once, and is very good at setting realistic expectations about how many projects he can handle at a time. Jordan is always willing to reach out to other teams and other members to assist in meeting deadlines." - former peer
  • I can never tell if Jordan is stressed or not stressed. He addresses every problem that comes at him with ease and confidence which is essential in team settings." - former peer
  • Jordan is incredibly effective at delivering difficult or harsh notes without making students feel stupid and while also conveying important messages." - former student
  • Jordan has a way of addressing people’s concerns in a very empathetic way. He’s also great at explaining CS topics in laymen terms, especially with folks that don’t have much experience with CS." - former student


Climatebase Fellowship Manager


Took the Climatebase Fellowship program from 0 to 1:

Designed and built the admissions process in Hubspot, processing over 2k applications and personally interviewing and admitting the founding cohort of 150 professionals from around the globe.

Coordinated development timeline and provided pedagogical feedback to partner organization delivering 5 weeks of core climate curriculum.

Organized and facilitated over 115 hours of live content for the 10 week program (4 weeks of content added ad hoc when program was extended based on participant feedback).

Selected, implemented, and curated the custom online community platform in addition to regular email updates and highlights for the community of fellows.

Founding Fellowship NPS of 65

2021 - 2023

Head of Growth (Admissions && Enrollment)

Make School

Owned overall growth strategy including department budget and hiring, lead acquisition and marketing strategy, admissions and enrollment practices, and prospective student community programming until...

Great success! Make School's accelerated bachelor's of Applied Computer Science program was formally acquired by Dominican University of California at the end of the Summer 2021 semester.

As a member of the executive leadership team I oversaw key aspects of the final program handover and student and staff off-boarding.


Outreach Manager && Special Projects

Make School

Experimented with lead-gen and conversion initiatives like livestreaming CS content, partnering with local community colleges to offer a free CS course for high schoolers, testing new social media ad strategies, and running the first-ever fully virtual Preview Weekend for college prospectives.

2020 - 2021

Admissions Manager

Make School

Served as Interim Admissions Manager for several months, taking on additional leadership responsibilities on top of my core workload as the Technical Admissions Officer.


Curriculum Engineer && Admissions Coach

Make School

Designed the admissions rubric and interview process and conducted efficient and accurate assessment of technical aptitude for thousands of applicants while monitoring conversion rates across all funnel stages and conducting annual retrospectives evaluating admissions effectiveness, student outcomes, and DEI goals. Built custom curriculum and assessment tools and managed pre-admissions programs to help applicants meet technical admissions requirements. Founded and ran the Student Ambassador Program with student workers supporting admissions and outreach.

2018 - 2020

Lead Backend Software Engineer

Make School

Architected a custom Application Management System that powered admissions for thousands of applicants to several educational programs across multiple US and international locations. Led design and transition to GraphQL backend API and code-reviewed React frontend implementation. Helped hire and onboard senior engineers.

2016 - 2017

Lead Instructor, iOS Summer Academy

Make School

Created tutorials, taught, and oversaw logistics for all summer school students and staff at the Sunnyvale, CA location. The Summer Academy offers 2-month courses teaching iOS game and app design, held at multiple locations around the US.


Junior Software Engineer

Make School

Maintained and added new features to the backend of the Online Academy for content delivery and student tracking.


Intelligence Analyst (Military Contractor)


I provided language translation and military intelligence contractor support to the United States Air Force.

Processed thousands of Top Secret/SCI time-sensitive Arabic translation and intelligence tasks per week.

2009 - 2010

Shift Manager (Senior Game Advisor)


Customer service and retail store management during the holiday season.

2008 - 2009

Arabic Translator && Intelligence Analyst (CTI2)

United States Navy

I served as an Arabic translator (Cryptological Technician Interpretive), technical expert, and mission manager.

Managed mission critical tasks. Designed and oversaw training of top secret skills. :)

2002 - 2008


Make School

Summer Academy, iOS Game Development

Designed and built a uniquely controlled iOS mobile game and launched it to the Apple App Store.

Gap Year, Applied Computer Science

Applied CS fundamentals by designing, building, and launching multiple iOS and full-stack web apps. Mentored new and intermediate coders at five youth and college hackathons nationwide.

2014 - 2015

University of California, Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts, Cognitive Science

Emphases in Linguistics, Product Design, and Programming.

Selected coursework: Computational Models of Cognition, Quantitative Methods in Linguistics, Tangible User Interface, Multimedia Narrative, Creative Writing, Technologies for Creativity and Learning.

GPA: 3.76

2010 - 2014

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

Arabic Basic & Arabic Intermediate

Specially selected for and graduated from world-renowned intensive language training program.

GPA: 3.8

2002 - 2004


My favorite hobbies are self-improvement focused, like bouldering, playing kendama, and making pancake art for friends and family.

Ask me about the time I... biked from SF to LA, sold it all for #vanlife, rode a train on a boat.

Let's Connect

I love mentoring and encouraging fellow engineers and entrepreneurs, and spreading positivity and information to inspire the next generation of creators and problem solvers. It is particularly meaningful when I can support other veterans and members of the queer community.

Opportunities that I am always open to:

  • Hackathon or event judging
  • Keynote speaking or panel participation
  • Consulting on project or startup ideas
  • Professional communication and storytelling advice

I look forward to connecting with you!

actively networking and exploring exciting opportunities